Sue Gundy Textiles creates custom textiles designed to meet your specific needs for fashion, home furnishings, and contract fabrics. Our design collections grow out of a close collaboration between our client’s themes and inspiration drawn from our Seattle studio.

Our studio is equipped with Macintosh based design computers. The software we use includes AVL Multicolor, Weavemaker Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, Expression and Canvas. Because we integrate features from these different programs, our end results far surpass typical CAD generated textile design. Specially coated printer paper and high dpi settings guarantee that our printed designs match the richness and vibrancy of textile based design.

Welcome to our web site. Take a look around to see examples of our designs.

What's New

Bug Dance

The "Bug Dance" is a new design that I am making into scarves, ties, skirts and tote bags.  The bug design was done as a collaboration with another artist, Jennifer Haack.  Jennifer painted a watercolor of the different bugs, and I scanned it into the computer, added the background which was a photograph of a screen, added the drop shadow, arranged the bugs and made the repeat.

Bug Ties Detail

Bug Dance & Red Ripples

These two designs evolved from these images of photos and a painting.  Check out my Red Ripples design and other cool textiles in the book “Techno Textiles 2” by Sarah E. Braddock Clark & Marie O’Mahony.

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